P R O D U C T  C A R E 


Acryl is a man made soft and luxurious fabric with the bulk and hand of wool. 

Wash: Acryl may be machine-washed or hand washed. When washing acryl garments in a washing machine, use warm water and add a fabric softener during the final rinse cycle. Fabric softener will reduce electricity and prevent a static hand. Very delicate acryl garments can be better washed by hand in warm water. 


Corduroy is a heavy cotton fabric with a ribbed nap running lengthways.


Wash: Corduroy can be washed as a normal cotton fabric. However, avoid ironing as to not crush the ribbed nap. 


Fleece is a modern synthetic material used to make cold-weather clothing.

Wash: Fleece garments can be washed on a medium temperature but should be removed from the washing machine right after the washing programmed is finished. This is important for maintaining the fluffy character of fleece and to avoid matting. 
Dry: This is also why fleece should not be dried in the dryer; instead hang these garments to dry to keep them looking great. 


Most linen fabrics are washable; however always check the label to be sure. 


Wash: Wash your linen garment by hand using mild soap or put them in the washing machine on the hand wash program. 
Dry: Linen fabric wrinkles easily and therefore should be dried lying down or by hanging them out. 



Polyester is a strong man made fiber that is resistant to crease and thus keeps it shape.

Wash: Most items made from polyester can be machine washed and dried. Use warm water and add a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle. 
Dry: Although polyester garments can be machine dried at low temperature settings; the best way to dry your polyester garment is just by hanging them out to dry. 


Rayon is a strong, extremely absorbent fabric with a soft silky feel. Rayon will wrinkle easily and may stretch when wet and shrink when washed. 
Wash: Therefore launder all washable rayon by hand. It is vulnerable to damage when it's wet, so a washing machine's agitation could damage it. Although rayon is a strong fabric, it needs some extra care and love to keep its shape and luster. Never wring, twist or bunch up rayon. Just shake it out gently and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands. If you have to iron a rayon fabric always turn it inside out to prevent it from shining. Use low heat and gently press it while the fabric is still slightly damp to ease the wrinkling. 





One of the reasons why cotton is such a popular fabric is that it’s low maintenance. Cotton is fully machine-washable and if worn and treated with care, will last for a long time. Check the washing instructions on each garment for specific instructions.


Most linen fabrics are washable; however always check the label to be sure. 


Wash: Wash your linen garment by hand using mild soap or put them in the washing machine on the hand wash program. 
Dry: Linen fabric wrinkles easily and therefore should be dried lying down or by hanging them out. 



Because it is soft and fuzzy, cashmere can be prone to pilling, caused by rubbing during regular use. Although this is perfectly normal, we suggest that you treat your cashmere with extra care and wash it by hand or on a cool, delicate cycle in the washing machine. The best way to dry cashmere is on a flat towel, as hanging or twisting wet cashmere is likely to stretch the fibers. Pilling can be removed with a single-blade razor, taking extra care to glide across the fabric and not press down too hard.


Silk is a delicate material and should be treated as such. Check the label first – sometimes dry cleaning is the only recommended option. If the garment is washable, use cool water and a detergent for dedicates and avoid stretching the garment while it’s wet. Avoid tumble-drying silk garments – this will most likely damage and shrink the fabric.


Woolen garments usually don’t have to be washed that often – try airing and spot cleaning them first. Use a detergent for dedicates when you do wash them. Use the wool or hand wash cycle on your washing machine or even better, wash by hand. To avoid stretching the wool fibers, don’t wring wool clothes and always dry them flat. Ironing after washing helps to restore the material’s natural sheen – use a steam iron on the wool setting and a pressing cloth.


Wash jeans inside out to stop them fading. Take them out of the washing machine as soon as possible after the cycle has ended to avoid creasing. Denim’s characteristic look is the result of a special dyeing method that can result in dry-bleeding, where small pigment particles remain on the surface and can rub off. This can be lessened by washing your new jeans in cold water a couple of times before you put them on.


Leather and suede are natural materials and can be sensitive, so remember to keep them away from humidity, heat and chemicals. All leather and suede needs to be conditioned once in a while to keep it soft and supple. To get rid of light stains, wipe the garment with a slightly damp cloth. Otherwise we recommend that leather items are taken to a specialist leather dry cleaner. Always dry leather or suede at normal room temperature.


Chunky-knits should be reshaped and dried flat to maintain their original shape.


From day one, protect your bag with a reputable cream/treatment if it’s leather. Remember to wipe with the grain of leather to avoid ruining it. To clean dirt off a bag, wipe off with warm, soapy water using a damp cloth. Keep your bag stuffed while you’re not using it to help keep its shape better, and don’t leave it in direct sunlight because that could cause fading.


Most faux leather is a plastic or vinyl material. The key is regular cleaning with a mild soap or detergent. Simply mix a bit of mild soap with warm water and wipe down with a clean, soft white cloth dipped in the solution. Follow up with a wipe with a water-dampened cloth and dry with another soft cloth.


Use warm water along with a gentle detergent for best results. Hang or lay flat to dry. Adding fabric softener either to the rinse cycle in the washer or with a dryer sheet in the dryer will greatly reduce the static on nylon